Britney, Vegas, and The New Era

Over the past week, a lot has happened in the Britney world. Work Bitch was officially released as her first single from her upcoming album, a Vegas residency (titled “Piece of Me”) was announced and tickets went on sale, Britney’s participated in a bevy of interviews, and we’ve gotten some great new pictures. I’m not gonna lie, earlier this week I was a bit disappointed by the GMA Vegas announcement (which took place on September 17th) (link). A performance of her new single was never announced, although that really should have been clarified by her team. Everyone was getting so pumped but to be honest a performance shouldn’t really have been expected. Work Bitch, which leaked early, was supposed to be released that day, and even Gaga and Katy didn’t do performances on the first day of release. Miley only just recently did a performance for Wrecking Ball and that’s been out for quite some time. While many fans knew of Britney’s Vegas residency plans, it was only until the GMAs when it was officially announced to the general public.

I do believe that she really was sick on the plane. She’s always had issues with flying and that was really the worst idea they could have come up with. Sure, the giant poster looked cool, but was it really worth it for her to get sick? I’m sure they could have come up with something better than that. I felt bad for the livestream reporter (link). It seemed like she had no idea what was going on and was just really trying to do her best with what she had.

The people who came and held the picture cutouts also seemed disappointed. They probably weren’t told there wasn’t going to be a performance. I think that if from the beginning everything was clarified and we were all told that there wouldn’t be a performance, things would have been a lot better and people would be less pissed. If there was a performance Britney probably would have truly thrown up on stage, which would have been awful. News sources like TMZ claimed she would be performing and got everyone’s hopes up. I’m kind of mad at myself for buying into all of the hype when in reality if there really was a performance, GMA would have clearly stated that there was to draw in more viewers. But again, it should have been clarified.

However, despite all of that, this week has been amazing. For any fan that was there during the release week of Hold It Against Me in 2011, they will know that there was very minimal promotion compared to what we’ve already gotten so far. In seven days we’ve gotten 2 GMA interviews, an E! News interview, an Extra! interview, and two radio interviews. I really think, for the first time in a while, she seems truly very enthusiastic about her music. She seems excited for her Vegas shows, and I’m sure they make parenting a lot easier for her, since she now won’t have to continuously travel to different locations and she’ll still be able to perform. She’s done more promo for Work Bitch in just a few days than she has for first singles for the past few eras.

While a music video release date for Work Bitch has yet to be announced, fans are hopeful that it will be released by the end of the month. The video wrapped up filming roughly a month ago, so that’s not too difficult to believe.


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